How EZAnalyze Happened...

EZAnalyze was developed as part of my (Tim Poynton) doctoral dissertation research at Boston University in 2004-2005. Programming support during the initial development of EZAnalyze was provided by Brett Hutley (C version) and Mathew Smith (VBA version 2.5). I have been extending their initial work on EZAnalyze ever since. While I have always been interested in the programming side of things, my focus is on teaching people how to use technology. That said, I love developing the technology too! Dr. Manual Gonzalez, a Professor in Mexico, translated EZAnalyze Version 2.5 into Spanish, Dr. Aleksander Raic has translated the program file into Serbian, and Dr. Lajos Nyeki translated the file into Hungarian.

I am currently a school counselor educator at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. I occasionally write about things I am doing around the University on my blog at If you are interested for some reason, there is also a short bio you can view.

The 'EZAnalyze Stuff' is a nice hobby of mine that I enjoy, but it does come at a financial cost, which is why I am always hoping someone will find these things useful enough to make a monetary donation so that I can do a better job at providing tools school counselors need. If you'd just like to say something nice, please feel free to use the contact form!

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