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EZAnalyze is a Microsoft Excel Add-In designed to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Excel by adding "point and click" functionality for analyzing data and creating graphs. It works on both Macs and PC's, except for Excel 2008. Since it is an Excel Add In, it is always available when you start Excel until you uninstall EZAnalyze. It is a lightweight application, so keeping it installed is only problematic if you do not like seeing the menu.

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The EZAnalyze TimeTracker is a macro-enabled Excel workbook designed to perform note-keeping and time-tracking functions, and generate reports easily for accountability and improved service to students. It works only on PC's. While efforts have been made to have the TimeTracker be as easy to use as possible, it still requires a time investment on your part. Hopefully, you will find the reports it can generate to be worth the time investment

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While this product does not yet exist, it is the next thing I am considering doing. It would be used to keep track of the senior college application process in terms of where they applied and the decision received. Test scores would be input into the program, as well as information about GPA, honors classes, etc. Then, after the first year of use, it could be used as an advising tool for the next graduating class, as it would provide information about the qualifications of graduating seniors and the outcomes they had in terms of college admission decisions. It would also generate reports, such as a list of where people are going, who has not yet finished getting together materials, and any other suggestions folks might have. If this sounds appealing to you, let me know.

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