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EZANALYZE is a Microsoft Excel Add-In designed to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Excel by adding "point and click" functionality for analyzing data and creating graphs. It works on both Macs and PC's. It does not work with Excel 2008, however.

HOW IT WORKS:When you install EZAnalyze, a new menu is added to Excel. EZAnalyze is an "add in" for Excel, and will not work unless you have Excel on your computer. Excel is a powerful application for analyzing data - but also quite difficult to use if you are not familiar with writing formulas. EZAnalyze never requires you to type in a formula, nor does it require you to know anything about "the math" involved with the analyses. This permits you to focus your energy on interpreting your results.

Menu Location
NOTE: In Excel 2007, the EZAnalyze menu is in the 'Add Ins' tab of the ribbon.

DATA ANALYSES:EZAnalyze does all of the basic "descriptive statistics" for you, such as mean, median, standard deviation, and range. It also "disaggregates" data, which allows you to break down your data by categories, and offers several options for visually representing your data with graphs.

ADVANCED FEATURES: EZAnalyze contains advanced features - correlation; one-sample, independent samples, and paired samples t-tests; chi square; repeated and single factor ANOVA, and regression in version 3.0. These are included for those users who would like to engage in some basic hypothesis testing. However, appropriate use of these tests requires more knowledge of how to use them than is included in the documentation. These functions are the most common tests covered in a basic research methods/statistics course in graduate schools of education, allowing instructors of these courses to use EZAnalyze as a no cost alternative to other statistical software packages. For a complete list of all features, see the revision history.

Menu Definition

RESULTS REPORTS: For each analysis, an EZAnalyze results report is generated. These results reports contain all the information you need to interpret your results. If you are not familiar with the statistics, you can consult the documentation available in the help files, or in the manual.

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