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Responses to frequently asked questions will be posted here as they arise. While technical support is not officially provided, you can contact me with questions and I'll do my best.

General Areas of Inquiry:

EZAnalyze Installation

Please be sure to read the installation instructions if you have not done so already

Question: I get the Visual Basic Error "Could not set the CurLine property. Unexpected call to method or property access." when trying to install EZAnalyze with the automated installer. What should I do?

Answer: Microsoft apparently pushed out a patch that causes this error. Installing EZAnalyze manually by downloading the .xla file from the website and following the manual installation instructions will work.

Question: I have Excel 2008, and EZAnalyze will not work

Answer: Excel 2008 does not support the programming language (VBA) EZAnalyze is written in. Microsoft realizes this was a mistake, and has promised to reinstate VBA in the next version of Office for Mac.

Question: I am not able to download EZAnalyze. What is the problem?

Answer: The download must complete in 60 seconds, or the website closes the connection. When the dialog box appears asking you to Open or Save the file, you should select Save. Even slow internet connections should be able to download any of the available files quickly, so if you are having trouble be sure to stop downloading any other programs that may be using your internet connection.

Question: I have a German or Portuguese installation of Excel. Why doesn't EZAnalyze work?

Answer: EZAnalyze Version 3.0 will very likely work, with the exception of Linear Regression, which will not work. People with Excel installations other than English should consider using Version 2.5.

Question: Why is the "Add Ins" option on the Tools menu in Excel grayed out and not available?

Answer: You need to have a workbook open to 'manually' install EZAnalyze. To create a new blank workbook, go to the File menu and select New, then select Blank Workbook.

In Version 3.0, you can use the automated installer.

Question: How do I uninstall EZAnalyze?

Answer: In Version 3.0, you can uninstall EZAnalyze by going into the Options section of the EZAnalyze menu. You can also remove it by unchecking EZAnalyze in the Tools > Add Ins dialog box of Excel.

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EZAnalyze Use

Please look at online help and the User Manual and Tutorials - many questions can be answered there

Question: Every time I close Excel, I am prompted for an EZAnalyze Password - what is wrong?

Answer: This is a known problem with Google Desktop, and affects all Excel Add-Ins - not just EZAnalyze. You can uninstall the Google Desktop (recommended, particularly if you do not use it), or you can use the 'Password Prompt Fixer', which is a free download located at

Question: The EZAnalyze menu is there, but nothing seems to work - what can I do?

Answer: Try single-clicking on any cell in your data sheet, then try the EZAnalyze menu again. The EZAnalyze menu will not work if you have double clicked on a cell or a worksheet tab because Excel thinks you are trying to edit something, and will not let you do anything else until it knows you are done editing.

Question: The EZAnalyze Menu disappeared, but Excel is still open - where did it go?

Answer: If you quit Excel and then change your mind, the EZAnalyze menu disappears. This is a 'feature' that prevents EZAnalyze menus from piling up. Close and reopen Excel, and the menu will reappear.

Question: EZAnalyze works until I try to use the "new variable" function.

Answer: On some computers, you need to change the macro security setting to be lower. Go to the Tools menu, select Macro, then Security. Move the security setting to be one lower than it is, select OK, then restart Excel by closing and opening it. THIS WILL HAPPEN IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS EXPLICITLY. Double-clicking on ezanalyze.xla to install it is not recommended, and appears to be the cause of this error.

Question: Chi Square doesn't seem to work properly

Answer: There is a known problem with the Chi Square function that appears occasionally when there is only one value in your rows variable. This issue is not fixed yet. As a work around, it is recommended that you try switching your rows and columns variables to validate results.

Question: I don't see the Regression function in Version 3.0

Answer: This means that you do not have the needed add in, 'atpvbaen.xla' (Analysis Toolpak - VBA), on your computer. You may need to install this option from your Office CD. If your Excel installation is in a language other than English, Regression will not work, and you will not have the 'atpvbaen.xla' file.

Question: I have a 'division by zero' error, or the 'StdDev can not be calculated' error

Answer: These types of errors are most commonly problems with your data. Remember that 'variables must vary'. If your one or more of your variables are a constant (e.g., the same number in all rows), then some basic assumptions of analyses are not met and an error will be produced. ANOVA is short for 'Analysis of Variance', so each variable must have some variance for the procedure to work.

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Question: I have not received the email to download, what can I do?

Answer: If you saw the screen saying your email address was submitted, the email was sent to you and was likely blocked by a spam filter. Check your spam folder, or try using another email address.

Question: Does the TimeTracker work on the Mac?

Answer: Yes, the latest release does work on the Mac. If you have a choice, though, run it in Windows as the experience is a little better.

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