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The EZAnalyze TimeTracker is an Excel-based application (Macro-enabled Microsoft Excel workbook) that provides you with the ability to keep track of how you spend your time with students (and not with students), record notes, and quickly and easily generate reports on your work with individual students, groups, students seen or unseen within a range of dates, or summarizing how you spent all of the time you have recorded - among other things. While the TimeTracker is still in Beta testing, it is close to moving into production status. There are 11173 registered users at this time.

This is not 'calendaring' software; it's a little more involved than simply having you put your calendar into Excel. This is a tool that allows you to precisely track your individual and group interventions, and the time you spend in 'other' activities. Since all information is organized by the student's ID number, you can then export the information from EZAnalyze TimeTracker, and merge it with data from your student information system (using a tool built into the EZAnalyze data analysis add-in) to document the effectiveness of your interventions. Learn more about the features if you would like.

All that said, though, most people will find it useful for documenting their work with students. While I believe it is as simple and straightforward to use as possible, it still will require a time investment on your part!

To see how you can setup and use the EZAnalyze TimeTracker, short videos are available.

Excel 2008 is not supported.  The current version (1.2) is designed to work best with Excel 2007, 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2016 on Mac's and PC's. If you have an older version of Excel, you will need to have the compatibility pack installed. Contact me if you have difficulty.

NOTE: As of 3/12/2012, there is a new version available. The new version includes several enhancements and bug fixes.  See the revision history.

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