Creating a New Percentile Rank Variable

Using the New Variable - Percentile Rank Function

The NEW VARIABLE - SUMMARY function, part of the NEW VARIABLE MENU in EZAnalyze, allows you to create a new variable that converts your data to their percentile rank equivalent. For example, if you want to know who is in the top 10% of the senior class at your high school, you can convert their overall GPA into a percentile rank variable to help you see who is in the 90th percentile or higher.

To create a new percentile rank variable (or variables) for your data, select the "New Variable" option from the EZAnalyze menu in Excel, then select "Percentile Rank."

In the "New Percentile Rank Variable" dialogue box, select more one or more variables from the variable list. In the example provided above, you would select the overall GPA from the variable list.


  • Number of decimal places - use this to set how many decimal points are displayed. Setting this to zero does not 'round' the actual number to the nearest whole number; it simply rounds the number that is displayed. If you need more precise values than what is provided, you can format the cells in Excel to display as many decimal places as you would like.

When you click OK, a new column will be added to your data sheet that has the name "Rank_" and the name of the converted variable(s) you selected.

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