Creating a New Random Numbers Variable

Using the New Variable - Random Numbers Function

The NEW VARIABLE - RANDOM NUMBERS function, part of the NEW VARIABLE MENU in EZAnalyze, allows you to quickly create random numbers to demonstrate various statistical problems and concepts - or 'just for fun'. You can set the mean and standard deviation, generate completely random numbers within a specified range, or specify a range, mean, and standard deviation.

To create a random numbers variable for your data, select the "New Variable" option from the EZAnalyze menu in Excel, then select "Random Numbers."

In the "Random Number Generator" dialogue box, type a name into the 'Variable name' box; this is what will appear in the first row on your data sheet. Also, specify the number of rows of data you would like to generate.

Next, choose at least one of the first two options below


  • Specify the range of the random numbers - use this option if you want to restrict the random numbers to a certain range by specifying the minimum and maximum values you would like to allow
  • Specify the mean and SD of the Random Numbers - use this option to see how randomly generated scores cluster around a given mean and standard deviation. This will produce a relatively normal distribution if the amount of random numbers you chose to generate is reasonable. But, they are random after all...
    • Whole numbers only - check this if you dont want decimals in your variable
  • Create more random variables - check this if you have more random number variables to create. This is simply a time saver.

When you click OK, a new column will be added to your data sheet that has the name you specified, with randomly generated numbers with parameters you specified.

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