Results Reports

EZAnalyze creates "results reports" for each type of analysis. For the graphing functions, the results report is a graph. A graph depicting four survey questions (Classes A, Classes B, etc) disaggregated by "Grade Level" is below:
Disag Graph


A sample of a "disaggregate" results report is below - this is "grade total" disaggregated by "ethnicity."

Disag Table


A sample t-test results report (independent samples):

Sample Correlation Results Report:



In Version 3.0, you can also create a correlation matrix with multiple variables...

Corr Matrix


Sample ANOVA Results Report:



In Version 3.0, you can create Histograms of Multiple Variables!

For each EZAnalyze function, you will receive a results report similar to these. If you would like to see more of these, there are plenty of examples in the Manual and Tutorials document located in the Documentation section of this website.

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