Rex Filer's Electronic Log

Dr. Rex Filer at Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado presented an Electronic Log he developed at the ASCA National Conference in Atlanta on July 1st, 2008. After a suggestion from the audience, it was decided the file would have a home here!

The Electronic Log is an Excel spreadsheet that facilitates the documentation of how counselors spend their time in various areas of the ASCA National Model's delivery system in a simple format. After inputting how much time you spent engaged in various aspects of the delivery system each day, graphs and tables summarizing your work are generated automatically!

Questions from the audience, with plausible answers:

QUESTION: If I want to have a report for each week or quarter, how can I do that?
ANSWER: At the end of each week or quarter, print out the graph and summary report

QUESTION: Can I use the Electronic Log to provide reports for individual students, or use it to keep track of students I meet with as I meet them?
ANSWER: No. A possible solution would be to use the EZAnalyze TimeTracker.

QUESTION: If I have a problem or suggestion, who do I contact?
ANSWER: Contact Dr. Rex Filer at

Ready? Dowload the file by clicking here!
(Last Updated 8/9/2008)

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