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The Options button in the Main User Interface provides you with the access to functions which show (or hide) all of the sheets containing the data you have generated during the setup and use of the TimeTracker, the ability to import a TimeTracker file, and export your recorded data for analysis in a data analysis program, such as EZAnalyze or SPSS.

Show All Sheets

Clicking the Show All Sheets button will give you access to the iinner workings' of the TimeTracker. You may find this useful for quickly reviewing all of the data you have recorded, as well as everything you created during the setup process - the list of students, reasons, and groups.


Clicking the Export button will walk you through the steps needed to create an Excel file that is compatible with most major data analysis programs, such as SPSS or EZAnalyze. It will reformat the data you have recorded for your students, and output it into a new file that lists all recorded activity for each student, for each available reason - all in a 'one student per row' format.

NOTE that if you want to upgrade your TimeTracker file, there is no need to export it before importing -simply use the Import function on your new TimeTracker file.


The Import button, when clicked, will walk you through the steps needed to import another TimeTracker file. This is only needed if you are upgrading to a new version of the TimeTracker, and you should Import from the old file into the new one. This will move all of your recorded data, reasons, and groups from the old file into the new one so that setup time when upgrading to new versions is minimal.

Erase Data

The Erase Data function will help you erase all recorded data (time spent with students, and time spent not with students). This is useful if you are starting a new school year, or are providing a template for colleagues to use. This function does not erase any of your Reasons, Groups, or Student Names – only data that have been recorded.

Create Backup

The Create Backup function creates a copy of the TimeTracker file in a location you choose. You should also consider making and keeping a copy of the file outside of your school.

Increase Font Size

The Increase Font Size function slightly increases the font size of items in text boxes and list boxes on TimeTracker forms (e.g., student names, reasons, dates, start and end times). This is particularly useful for people who use laptops. However, increasing the font size permits fewer items to be displayed. If you have already increased the font size, the button will read ‘Decrease Font Size’.

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