Generating Reports: The Summary Report

The Summary Report is designed to provide you with both a general and detailed overview of the activities you have participated in to date. With two clicks of your mouse button, you will be able to summarize all of your recorded activity in both table and graph form.

One thing you should consider doing with the summary report is generating it quarterly and filing it for your records. This will allow you to see how your work has changed at various times in the school year.

To create a summary report:

1. Click Summary Report in the Reports area of the Main user interface.

2. Click on Select Date Range to select a Start Date and End date to create a report summarizing all activity that was recorded between those dates, or choose Select All Dates to create a report summarizing all recorded data.

3. Click Create Report.

Below is a sample report with notes to facilitate your understanding of the information being provided.

sum report 1
sum report 2
sum report 3
sum report 4
sum report 5

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