About EZAnalyze TimeTracker

The EZAnalyze TimeTracker was developed to help school counselors track how they spend their time, provide a note keeping mechanism to use as a memory aid in work with students, and provide useful reports on time use and student meetings quickly and easily.

Documenting how you spend time is (yet) one more thing for you to do that does not involve working directly with students. However, given the reporting and note keeping functions built into the TimeTracker, my hope is that you will receive a substantial benefit in return for your time investment.

The TimeTracker has been in development since 2005, when a counselor from Olympia, Washington (Dave Forrester) contacted me to see if I could help him come up with a solution for him to implement to keep track of how he and the counselors in his school were spending their time. His input and feedback have been invaluable in the development of this tool, and it would not exist today were it not for his perseverance.

My personal investment in developing the TimeTracker is driven by a desire to link school counseling activities explicitly to tangible outcomes for students. To those ends, what the TimeTracker does is assemble details about the types of interventions counselors provide - by individual students. Students are identified in the TimeTracker by name, and a student number. If the student ID number used in the TimeTracker is the same one used by a school's data management system, the TimeTracker and student outcome data from the data management system can be linked together. When these data are linked together, powerful analyses can be conducted to ascertain how specific school counseling activities are linked to positive student outcomes.

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