Revision History - EZAnalyze TimeTracker

Version 1.2
Last Updated March 12, 2012

In March of 2012, small bug fixes and several usability enhancements were added. See the list below for specific information on usability enhancements.

Excel 2007, 2010, and 2011 Compatibility - Version 1.2 is optimized for use with Excel 2007 and later. Particular attention has been paid to correcting issues for Mac users in Excel 2011.

Indirect Time - You can now track 'indirect time' - time spent working on behalf of students, but not in their direct presence. Useful for documenting parent phone calls and consultations, for example.

Font Size Increases - The font size has been increased slightly on all forms, and a new Option has been added that allows you to increase the font size in form elements (e.g., text boxes, lists). Particularly useful for laptop users.

Delete Old Reports Safely and Easily - A button has been added that allows you to delete unneeded reports safely and easily.

Type Time - You can now type in the time when using the input time function. The sliders are still available, but many people find typing the time to be a real time saver.

Default Session Length - Default session lengths for counselor and student time can now be set to values of your choosing, along with a default start time.

Improved Backup Function - The Backup function now allows you to choose the backup location, and automatically appends the date to the file name.

Numbers as Text - When copying-pasting student names from your student information system, sometimes the user ID's are formatted as text. This can be corrected by clicking the 'verify student ID's' button in the Edit Students form.

Version 1.1
Last Updated August 31, 2010

A problem with tracking counselor time while using the timer (stopwatch-like function, not the input time) was discovered that affects Excel 2007 users.  This has been fixed, but all Excel 2007 users should upgrade to the latest version.

In March of 2010, small bug fixes and usability enhancements were added.   There is now an option to exclude group contacts from Students Seen and Unseen reports, the Group Counseling report now includes information about the number of students absent each session, and a problem with using the Export function in Excel 2007 has been remedied.

Original Version 1.1 - Released January 8th, 2010

This version contains many small but important enhancements to improve usability, speed, and accuracy.

Timer Added to Counselor Time - You can use the timer function to track the time you spend away from students now, just like you do for tracking time with students.

Auto Backup Disabled - Previous versions of the TimeTracker created a backup copy every time you opened it, which made things slow.  Also, unless you did not open your TimeTracker file before locating the backup, the backup is useless.  Now, the burden of maintaining a backup is on you...largely.  You will be reminded to create a backup if the current one is more than 2 weeks old.

Summary Report - The summary report has many improvements, with 'counselor time' now added to 'face time' for group interventions so you can more easily see how much time you spent in various activities.  Time is now reported in hours and minutes, instead of just minutes.  An error in how the Delivery System times were calculated is now fixed, as well as a 'bug' involving page breaks.

Display Dates in Descending Order - You can now choose to display dates in ascending or descending order to more quickly find the date you are looking for.

Automated Group Creation - You can 'import' groups from a list now, instead of using the built-in forms to create groups (which is cumbersome if you have a large number of groups).

Verify Student ID's - A button has been added to the Edit Students dialog to easily check your student ID numbers for errors.

And there are the usual bug fixes and other minor improvements...check it out, it's free!


Older versions exist, but are not included here

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