Describing Data

Using the Describe Function

The Describe menu in EZAnalyze provides you with a choice of two ways to describe your data - Descriptive statistics or Percentages (glossary).

To use the describe menu, select "Describe" from the EZAnalyze main menu in Excel, then select from one of the choices presented to you. The choices are:

DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS - Descriptive statistics are commonly used statistics for reporting general characteristics of your data. Specifically, you can obtain the mean, median, mode, range, minimum value, and maximum value (glossary) for each numeric variable (glossary) contained in your data.

PERCENTAGES - Percentages allow you to describe your data in terms of the relative frequency (glossary) of occurance for each value of a given variable. For example, if you had a data set that contained a "gender" variable, calculating the percentages on the gender variable would tell you what percent of the people in your data set are males and what percent are females. ALSO, if you have missing values, in your data, you can use the PERCENTAGES function to tell you how many missing values there are.

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