Creating Histogram Graphs

Using the Graph - Histogram Function

The GRAPH - HISTOGRAM function, part of the GRAPH MENU in EZAnalyze, allows you to summarize your data by showing how people scored on a given variable. This could be something as simple as a pie graph depicting the percentage of students of each ethnic background or a set of histograms overlayed ontop of each other.

To obtain a histogram for your data, select the "Graph" option from the EZAnalyze menu in Excel, then select "Histogram".

In the "Histogram" dialogue box, select the type of histogram you would like to create:

Pie Chart - this will create a pie chart of a single variable you select.

Bar Chart - this will create a bar chart of a single variable you select.

Area Chart - this will create an area chart of a single variable you select

Traditional Histogram - this will create a graph with a 'smoothed line' of one or more variables you select.


  • Advanced Option - you can select the number of categories you would like displayed along the X Axis (bottom) of the chart. If there fewer than 10 categories in your selected variable(s), all categories will be displayed. If there are more than 10 categories (for example, if you are graphing GPA or number of days absent), it may be useful to change this setting to make your graph more interpretable.

When you click OK, EZAnalyze will create a new sheet - a results report containing the graph, and the data used to create the graph. (click on "results report" for information on how to interpret this analysis and modify your graph)

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