Creating Graphs

Using the Graph Function

The GRAPH function in EZAnalyze allows you to create visual representations of your data with three common types of graphs - Pie Charts, Bar Charts, and Area Charts (glossary). These types of graphs can provide you with powerful pictures of your data, and provide you with a meaningful way to communicate with other people about the results of your data analyses.

To create a graph with your data, select the "Graph" option from the EZAnalyze menu in Excel. The sub-menu presents you with three graphing options:

Histogram. A histogram is a graph that shows you the distribution of scores for a variable. Histograms can be used for all types of numeric and categorical variables, and show you how many cases (as a number, or percent of the total number of cases) there are within a certain range of scores. For example, if you wanted to know how many students there were in each ethnic group in your school, you could use a histogram to create a graph that would show you how many students there were in each group. You have several choices for creating histograms. A useful choice to demonstrate statistical concepts is the 'Traditional Histogram' with multiple variables, which allows you to display the distribution for several variables on one graph.

Disaggregation. A disaggregation graph allows you to create a graph of disaggregated data (see the DISAGGREGATE help file for more information on disaggregation). These graphs can be particularly powerful to show differences between groups.

Multiple Variable. A multiple variable graph allows you to display the mean, sum, or N for several variables side-by-side. Here is where you can also create 'Error Bar Graphs', which are useful for demonstrating statistical concepts.

See modifying your graph for more information about how to make your graphs look nicer, and more accurately portray the information you are trying to convey.

For information on how to create each graph, click on the link above.

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