Overview of EZAnalyze

EZAnalyze is an "add in" to Microsoft's Excel. Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for organizing, displaying, and analyzing data. However, the formulas to perform the data analyses and make sense of your data are not that easy to use in Excel. EZAnalyze "bridges the gap" between you, the user, and Excel's powerful data analysis features by adding a new menu to Excel - the "EZAnalyze" menu. From the EZAnalyze menu, you can point and click your way to making sense of your data quickly and easily.

The way EZAnalyze generally works is that you:

1. Open a data sheet in Excel and make sure that it is compatible with EZAnalyze (see Setting up your data sheet).
2. Select a function from the EZAnalyze menu.
3. Provide EZAnalyze with the names of the variables you would like the function to work on.
4. Look at the Results Report to see the results of your data analysis.

Each time you select a new function from the EZAnalyze main menu (New Variable functions are the exception), a new results report is created as a new Excel sheet. To perform other analyses using EZAnalyze, return to your data sheet (usually sheet 1). All of the results from previous analyses will be kept. If you want to save all of your results reports, select "File - Save" from the Excel menu, and all of your results reports and your original data sheet will be saved in the same file

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