Reading your Results Report - Repeated Measures ANOVA

Interpreting the results of the Repeated Measures ANOVA function

The results report for your Repeated Measures ANOVA contains several pieces of information to help you interpret your results. These are not discussed at length here, but you are encouraged to consult a statistics textbook or the Internet to learn more!

The EZAnalyze Repeated Measures ANOVA report contains descriptive statistics regarding the the means and standard deviations of your selected variables, an ANOVA table listing sources of variance and the degrees of freedom, Eta Squared, and F and P values.

At the end of your results (before the graph), there is a statement "in English" telling you whether or not any significant differences were observed between any of the groups.

Simple Post Hoc tests are also conducted if there are more than two Repeated Measures, and the P value for the ANOVA is less than .05. The post hoc tests provide the mean difference, T score, unadjusted and Bonferroni adjusted P values, and Eta Squared for all possible pairwise comparisons.

Further discussion of what these are is beyond the scope of this help file!

EZAnalyze also automatically creates a disaggregation graph of your results. To learn more about interpreting this type of graph, please see HERE.

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