Reading your Results Report - Multiple Variable Graphs

Interpreting the results of the Graph - Multiple Variable Function

Now that you have created your Multiple Variable graph, it is time to interpret what it is telling you. When you created your Multiple Variable graph, a "chart" (your graph) was created, in addition to the data used to make the chart. These two pieces work together; if you change your data, the chart will also change.

You were provided with four options for creating your multiple variable graph - you could graph the means, sums, N's, or Error Bars. If you chose to graph means, sums, or N's, your graph will display the statistic you selected for each of your selected variables. If you chose an Error Bar graph, the graph will display an error bar for each of your selected variables, with each bar representing the number of standard deviations you set in the Error Bar graph option.

To make your charts look prettier, please see the help topic associated with Modifying your graphs.

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