Reading your Results Report - Regression

Interpreting the results of the Regression function

The results report for your Regression contains several pieces of information to help you interpret your results. These are not discussed at length here, but you are encouraged to consult a statistics textbook or the Internet to learn more!

The EZAnalyze Regression report contains output generated largely by the Analysis Toolpak, with the only plot being a scatterplot of your regression model's predicted vs. expected values for your criterion variable. These statistics include the Muliple R, R Square, Adjusted R Square, and the Standard Error. You will also receive an ANOVA table, and other standard regression output such as regression coefficients for each of your predictors, significance levels, and the predicted values and residuals for each case in your analysis.

Further discussion of what these are is beyond the scope of this help file!

EZAnalyze also automatically creates a graph of the predicted and expected values for your criterion variable. To learn more about modifying this type of graph, please see HERE.

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