Reading your Results Report - One Sample T-Test

Interpreting the results of the One Sample T-Test function

The results report for your One Sample T-Test contains several pieces of information to help you interpret your results. These are not discussed at length here, but you are encouraged to consult a statistics textbook or the Internet to learn more!

The EZAnalyze results report for the one sample t-test contains descriptive statistics for your test variable, telling you what the mean, standard deviation, and number of cases in the analysis were. You are also provided with the mean difference (Mean Difference), a t-score, Eta Squared, and the significance of the difference between means (P). "NTV" is the Numeric Test Value you selected for the analysis.

Row 14 contains a statement indicating "in English" whether or not the observed difference between the NTV and your test variable were significant.

NOTE: If you are using a known group mean as the NTV, you should also know what the standard deviation is for that group mean. A one sample t-test estimates the standard deviation from your data, so check to make sure the standard deviation in your sample is similar to the known standard deviation in the population!

Further discussion of what these are is beyond the scope of this help file!

EZAnalyze also automatically creates a disaggregation graph of your results. To learn more about modifying this type of graph, please see HERE.

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