Excel-Based Tools for Educators

EZAnalyze provides free, Excel-based tools designed to enhance the data-driven work educators engage in. While Professional School Counselors are the target audience for EZAnalyze products, professionals and students in other disciplines also find these tools useful.

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EZAnalyze is a Microsoft Excel Add-In designed to enhance the capabilities of Excel by adding "point and click" functionality for analyzing data, creating graphs, and creating new variables. It works best on PC's; see News below regarding Mac and Excel 2016 support.

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The EZAnalyze TimeTracker is a macro-enabled Excel workbook designed to perform note-keeping and time-tracking functions, and generate reports for accountability and improved service to students. It works on both Macs and PC's , except for Excel 2008.

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-Excel for Mac - The version of EZAnalyze available for download does not work with any version of Excel for Mac EXCEPT for Excel 2004; support for Excel 2016 is expected in Summer 2016.

-Excel 2013 2016 for Windows - a Beta version of an Excel 2013/2016 file for EZAnalyze is available, please contact me to request a version I have available for testing.

-Rex Filer's Electronic Log can still be downloaded from here.

-Get Support or Contribute. Visit the EZAnalyze Groupsite to get help or contribute!

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