Creating Multiple Variable Graphs

Using the Graph - Multiple Variable Function

The GRAPH – MULTIPLE VARIABLE function, part of the GRAPH MENU in EZAnalyze, allows you to compare several different variables side-by-side. You can create line, bar, or error bar graphs to compare your selected variables. Error bar graphs are particularly interesting, as they provide a picture of not only the average score, but the “spread” of the scores as well, using the standard deviations of the selected variables.

To obtain a Multiple Variable graph for your data, select the "Graph" option from the EZAnalyze menu in Excel, then select "Multiple Variable".

In the "Multiple Variable" dialogue box, select your variables from the variable list.

OPTIONS: Choose the type of graph you would like to create - choose one of the 4 available options

  • Graph of Means - select this option to graph the average of your selected variables
  • Graph of Sums - select this option to obtain the summed total for each of your selected variables
  • Graph of N's - select this option to graph the count of valid scores in your selected variables
  • Error Bar Graph - select this option to create Error Bar Graphs of your selected variables
    • If you select Error Bar Graph, you will be given the option to set the number of standard deviations above and below the mean.

Choose the type of graph - Select bar or line graph according to your preference

When you click OK, EZAnalyze will create a results report containing the graph and related data. (click on "results report" for information on how to interpret this analysis and modify your graph)

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